Newsletter - App v3 update

This is a copy of an old Othits newsletter

Version 3 of the application is out !

2 main objectives have been followed during his development:

  • Improve the overall efficiency of the autosurf itself, making sure as much as possible that visits are correctly counted.
  • Make it as transparent as possible, to be able to use it on an everyday basis.

Here are the main info for this new version:

  • It comes as a beta, you will find a dedicated page for it in your menu (
  • It does not require the .Net framework anymore. Performance, memory consumption and speed of navigation should be greatly improved.
  • This version was primarily intend to be used on private servers (VPS). As such, you don't see the websites that you navigate on and the interface is as basic as possible.
  • The referer override has been greatly improved. It will be more reliable and will work for any valid Url even if it does not follow security guidelines (https to http for example).
  • Many improvements have been added to maximize the efficiency of the surf and the security to make sure that your site will be seen correctly.

In a near future, this new version will bring 2 new features:

  • you will be able to choose if the application should "scroll" on your links.
  • To simulate a more natural navigation, you'll be able to determine a number of clicks on the internal links of your website (5 max). The application will then choose and navigate to random internal links. This will also come with a click ratio (from 1 to 100) where you can choose the percentage of chance that there will be navigation on.

These features will be 100 efficient when the version 2 of the application will became obsolete. In the meantime, both of these features will be available for free!

As you can see, this version is a major break through. The migration will take some time, here is the planning:

  • You can install and test the new version, making sure that it works correctly for your environment.
  • A special achievement will be created for all the members that will try the application before his final release.
  • The current version (V2) of the application will continue to work until the final release of the V3 which will happen when it will be considered stable.
  • I know that not being able to see the websites can be disturbing as it was intend to users that use multiple IP Addresses. If you really want a version with the display of the websites, please express yourself and contact me.

I hope you will enjoy it, I'm really exited to see how it will perform and hope you'll be pleased with the new features it will bring. You will find a lot of information on the dedicated page for the V3. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to contact me.

You maybe saw that the PTP page has been disabled.

During the month of July, an unexpected increase of surfers happened, passing from 3000 active surfers to 4000 (with some peaks at 5000). It is of course a great news, but it impacted the server. PTP page consume a lot of resources and since Otohits is now a well established autosurf, it does not bring enough value for us or for the heart of the autosurf.

Re-enabling the PTP page is not planned at the moment.

Some of you noticed negative points on links during the last 2 weeks. It is coming from a performance improvement and since it could be very disturbing, it will be removed, going back to real time updates.

Work for the next weeks will be to update and make sure that the new application works well.

As usual, thank you all for your participation and hello to all the members who joined us recently.

Have a good surf.