Newsletter - App v3.1

This is a copy of an old Othits newsletter

I'm pleased to announce you that a new version of the application is available.

This major update brings you 2 editions of the Application:

  • Desktop: New viewer with the browser integrated in the Application (equivalent to the V2 look and feel).
  • VPS: Similar to the current V3.

Aside multiples fixes, this new release brings very important changes, main ones are:

  • The internal browser has been updated (chrome 49).
  • Support of proprietary codecs (display natively Youtube/Dailymotion videos).
  • Waiting time between 2 links during the navigation has been improved (up to -20%), internal tests show a clear increase on the points earned per day.
  • Add command lines/advanced option support for the installer and the application.
  • The application has been strengthen especially for VPS/Server usage (will be automatically restarted if something is wrong with the links displayed).

I hope you will enjoy it, I'm really exited to see how it will perform and hope you'll be pleased with the new features it will bring. You will find all the information on the dedicated page for the V3 (opens new window).

I strongly invite you to test it and send back to me your comments/issues if any. The release of this V3.1 will also mark the end of support for V2 and V3.0 soon. After a short period of test, the end of life date (should be in less than 2 months) will be communicated.

As some of you already know, this new version has been a great opportunity to get back on track and to enrich Otohits experience. Consequently, I'm happy to announce that a Linux version of the application is in preparation. Even though it is not ready yet, we will focus on it in the next weeks.

Since one piece of good news deserves another, get ready for Wednesday, as this is the 3rd anniversary of the website. More exiting news are coming!

As usual, thank you all for your participation and hello to all the members who joined us recently.

Have a good surf.