Newsletter - Linux App

This is a copy of an old Othits newsletter

A working version of the Linux application has been published few days ago. Like you maybe know, this is the result of an intensive work over the last months. The launch of the Linux App is a huge milestone for Otohits and I hope you will like it. We're all waiting for your feedback.

The Windows version has been updated (3102). Few bugs have been fixed (high DPI and system detection issues) and performance should be a bit better. Don't hesitate to update it if you encountered issues with the V3.1 at his launch.

Since feedback for the V3.1 are pretty good in general, it's time to let the V2 and the V3.0 go. The end of life for the V2 is scheduled to the 20th of September. For the V3.0, it will be on the 15th of October. Both of these versions represent less than 5% of the connections on the website. If you're still using one of these versions, it's time to migrate.

Since one good news never comes alone, Geotargeting is now available. You will find the list of countries you can target in the details page of your links. A lot of you waited a long time for this. As a gift, this feature is available for free (no extra points cost) until the end of September. Don't hesitate to test it.

For the next weeks, we will focus on making the management of your links easier (batch operations, details page update for a better management of the features). We still have other great updates that are scheduled for the next months and we're eager to provide them to you.

As usual, thank you all for your participation and hello to all the members who joined us recently.

Have a good surf.