v5 App: official release

# 32 updates later

Following the launch of the v5 App 2 months ago, it is now the most used version of the App. I want to thank everyone, whether you just used it or helped us to make it better as you were encountering abnormal behavior.

Over these last 2 months, 32 updates have been pushed. It probably sounds like a lot, but even though most of them was pushed to stabilize the App, it also brings an important thing: it makes us confident about pushing new versions.

The old Apps were particularly hard to maintain and upgrade and we are confident that a better App for us to develop will result in a better App for you too.

# Not only bug fixes

We are strongly thinking about publishing release notes when new versions appear so you can know what was updated. For this time, here are the most important changes made in the App aside bug fixing:

  • A robust update system.
  • A better handling of the page focus (visited pages will always appear to have the focus).
  • An easier debugging process. We can now trace your faulty instance with its logs, but also on the server if needed. This (and with the help of some members) helped us isolate an issue that resulted in the appearance of unwanted anti-cheat messages.

# It's time for old Apps to retire

We consider the v5 stable enough. Therefore, old versions (v3.1, Definitive edition) will now be put to retirement. If you still use them, we encourage you to download the v5 as soon as possible from the Applications page (opens new window).

If you have trouble using the v5, we encourage you to contact us (opens new window) as well.

Here are the steps that will be followed to shut down the old versions and make sure everyone is aware of it:

  • The efficiency of the old versions will be lowered over time.
  • Members that still used old versions recently will be invited on the website to migrate. At some point, this invitation will transform into a warning before the shutdown of the old versions.
  • Last resort, we will send emails to the old versions' users.

# Back to the website for now

Although we still have things to do for the App, we are shifting our focus on the website and we will update the Efficiency system soon. We already pushed changes to prepare the field. We'll keep you updated and in the meantime, I wish you a good surf.