App v5 update: refined locales, points report and new parameter

# Affected versions

Applicable to v5063 and upper

# Locales now match the country of the App

App v5 came with a basic locale (language) support. It was taken from the current operating system settings and in a lot of scenarios would have still resulted in an en-US locale.

With the recent upgrade of geotargeting, we wanted to push things a bit further. Now, the locale is calculated depending on the country from where the App is running.

Note that the system language can still be used to match specific scenarios for countries that have multiple primary languages (example: fr-CA or en-CA for Canada).

Although we covered over 240 countries and handled as much case as we can, if you see a mismatch between an expected language and the value received, just let us know!

# Nolog parameter

The App can now receive a new parameter: /nolog

When added, no log files will be written on the disk. This is useful to reduce disk activity. However, before turning it on, we suggest you make sure the App is working correctly.

Note that messages will still be displayed on the Console version of the App.

# Updating how points are displayed in Monitoring page

Some members noticed some weird behavior with points counter on the Monitoring (opens new window) page resulting in desynchronized figures between the App and the page. Starting with v5063, both figures should match.

Restarting the App will still reset the counter to 0.

The website will be updated soon. Note that using versions of the App prior to v5063 will result in no points displayed.

I wish you a good surf.