Using the throttling to limit the visits

# What is throttling?

Throttling helps you control the number of visits you will receive per hour (and therefore, the number of points your link will use).

We recommend you use it on new links to test them to avoid wasting too many points.

There are 2 ways to use the throttling:

  • Using the classic limit per hour
  • Using the advanced throttling

# Classic limit

It's the simplest way to limit the visits on your link.

  • Go to your my sites page
  • Click on the configuration button Config button of one of your links and click on advanced options and info
  • Just set the maximum number of visits you want to receive per hour and click Update

Update throttling

  • In this example, the link will receive a maximum of 50 visits per hour. Keep in mind that's the number of visits, not the points it will cost you.

# Advanced Throttling

This mod adds support for many advanced options:

  • You can set the limit for each hour individually
  • You can set a range of visits. If you set a rang between 100 and 200 for the first hour, the engine will pick a random number between 100 and 200 to limit the visits.
  • You can set your time zone, the engine will then map the hours to it and the visits will be sent accordingly
  • You can choose pre-made set that imitate a natural flow of visitors.

Update throttling

The main goal of the advanced throttling is to help you receive a more "natural" traffic as visits will not come linearly, but differently depending on the time of the day.

Update throttling

When you're OK with the settings you put, just click the Update throttling button to save them.