Link categories

This category regroups links that are considered safe. Every member can surf on them with the Application without any issue.

# Rules of the Safe category

  • The link needs to have real content. Empty links will be considered as PTP.
  • The link should not display too many ads. Common limit is 3 banners/popin for a page. The ads should also remain light and come from quality ad networks.
  • You should avoid using URL shorteners. Some well-known shorteners like or goog.le will work, but less known shorteners will make the link to be considered as PTP
  • The link should not produce too much HTTP requests or CPU usage, otherwise, it might be considered as PTP

The origin of this category name comes from a long time ago, when autosurfs were heavily used with Paid to promote pages that mainly displayed a lot of ads.

PTP is now referring to any link that could be heavy in terms of ads, resource usages and propose no real content.

There are multiple reasons a link can be forced to PTP category:

  • It has no real content is present on your link
    • Blank page or very low value content
    • Slow loading
  • It makes too much HTTP requests (>1000)
  • It redirects to other domains or use URL shorteners
  • It is hosted on Blogspot
  • The whitelist contains one or more domains that have been identified as PTP and your link is loading them. Note that it is verified on HTTP requests made, so it can be an ad network domain that is considered as PTP that may force it on your link.

If your link comes up with any sound of any kind, it will fall into this category.

This category prevails over PTP.

If any adult content is detected on your link or if one whitelisted domain as Adult is loaded, the link will be set in this category.

This category prevails over any other category.

# Notes

  • The webmaster can change the status of a website at any moment. The main objective is to make the surf as good as possible for all members
  • Don't hesitate to contact the webmaster if you think that your website has not been validated under the correct category
  • You can choose which category you want to surf on with your Application on your Settings page (opens new window). If you have links on a category, but you don't activate it to surf on, it may lower your surf ratio